The brand Kubota Engine has been developed for over 90 years and is one of the world’s largest industrial engine brands. Kubota has, since its inception, promoted the preservation of industrial societies and the global environment with advanced technologies and a rewarding enthusiasm for the best possible engine. Kubota consistently meets the highest technological standards.

  • Solution

    High performance and compact size are the most important factors in choosing the right engine. Kubota continues to supply motors with the same footprint to reduce the impact of the device. Kubota wants the engines to be compact and lightweight and meet the requirements of Euro V, as we have previously achieved compliance with other global emission regulations.
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  • Spare parts

    We find that DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is an important technology for engines up to 19 kW to achieve compliance with the Euro 5 limiting particle number.
    The new emission standard Euro 5 will begin in Europe in 2019.
    Global companies prefer Kubota DPF engines because they have the same power in world-wide emission standards systems, which reduces the amount of engineering work and costs.
    Kubota has Swiss-certified engines for 03, 07 and V3 series. Kubota Engine products comply with the Euro 5 standard.

  • Diagnostics

    Kubota offers our services to different types of vehicles, as well as fuels and fuel for the production of the highest confidence in our customers’ eyes.