Customer manager of the Ida-Virumaa region Sales of Cummins and Kubota spare parts

Ilja Habarov

Maintenance manager Sales of Cummins and Kubota spare parts

Rutmar Raidma

If you want maximum performance and long life from your Cummins or Kubota engine, regular maintenance is necessary. Follow the simple tip in the link.

  1. You can find information about regular periodic maintenance in the user manual. (This is the best prevention.)
  2. If your device works in a hot or dusty environment, perform maintenance operations more often.
  3. Keep a history of maintenance work and working hours. This helps to optimize the life of the device and you can also make possible warranty claims based on it.
  4. For maintenance, replacement or repair of emission control devices and systems, we recommend that you contact only a dealer authorized by the factory. Always contact an authorized Cummins and Kubota Representative for warranty work.

Baltic Industrial is the only official factory representative of Cummins and Kubota engines and generators in the Baltic countries.

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