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Customer Manager for the Ida-Virumaa region Sales of Cummins and Kubota spare parts

Ilja Habarov


Maintenance Manager Sales of Cummins and Kubota spare parts

Rutmar Raidma



We are the sole representative of Cummins products in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

Cummins is a globally recognized provider of energy solutions, designing, manufacturing, selling, and servicing a variety of engines and technologies. hese include a wide spectrum of equipment ranging from fuel systems to electric generators. With nearly a century of history, the company’s headquarters are located in the USA, and their network extends to over 190 countries, offering reliable solutions through thousands of partners and dealerships.

Cummins, which began its journey in 1919, has been a steadfast guide in the energy sector for more than a hundred years.

Powerful Engines

Cummins engines, known for their cleanliness, efficiency, and durability, are the heart of various machines around the world. Ranging from buses, trucks, and cranes to excavators, locomotives, mining equipment, passenger trains, and even ships and ferries.

Use the Cummins website’s engine finder to locate the engine that suits your needs.

Quality Spare Parts

Using the right spare parts is critical for maintaining the engine’s working condition and ensuring its long service life. When you purchase Cummins original spare parts from us, you not only receive free expert advice, but also ensure the reliable and long-lasting operation of your engine.

Find more information about the importance of original spare parts in our maintenance section.

Maintenance and Diagnostics

Cummins engines represent technological excellence, and their complexity requires continual specialist training. Our experts and project managers are committed to updating their knowledge, ensuring that we are always up-to-date with the latest technical developments. This dedication guarantees that we offer our clients qualified diagnostics and maintenance, allowing you to enjoy trouble-free use of your Cummins engine-powered machinery.

Kubota motors

Over the course of ninety years, Kubota Engine has developed into a globally recognized engine brand that stands at the forefront of industrial developments and environmental protection. Dedicated to providing the best possible engine experience, Kubota combines cutting-edge technology and innovation to meet ever-increasing technological standards and environmental demands.


Baltic Industrial brings to you Kubota engines, which combine exceptional performance and compactness. The Kubota engines we offer are designed to reduce the ecological footprint of equipment, while complying with Euro V environmental standards.

Thanks to years of experience in adhering to global emission standards, you can be confident that each engine meets the highest requirements.

We deeply value our customers’ trust in Baltic Industrial and are fully committed to being your loyal and environmentally conscious engine solution partner.

Spare Parts

DPF technology (Diesel Particulate Filter) is crucial for engines with power exceeding 19 kW, ensuring compliance with the Euro 5 particulate number limit norms This emission standard, now established in Europe, sets new stringent requirements to reduce the amount of pollutants in the atmosphere.

Global companies have chosen Kubota engines equipped with DPF technology due to their ability to deliver consistent performance across different emission regulations worldwide. Such versatility allows for a reduction in engineering efforts and costs.

Kubota engines from the 03, 07, and V3 series have received certification in Switzerland, confirming their compliance with the Euro 5 standard.


Kubota engine solutions and high-quality fuel systems are designed for various types of vehicles and equipment, ensuring the highest reliability that our customers value.


Cummins Filtration is a global leader in the expertise of commercial engine filtration, coolants, and fuel additives. Our extensive product range meets the needs of various applications and sectors, including:

  • Heavy-duty and light trucks
  • Construction, mining, agricultural, and marine sector machinery
  • Oil and gas industry
  • Energy production

The complete package from Cummins Filtration includes:

  • Extended operational life
  • Increased ease of use
  • Lower operating costs
  • Reduced environmental impact

Our product range features the industry’s most diverse assortment, including:

  • Air intake and filtration systems
  • Coolants and their treatment products
  • Centrifugal filters
  • Closed crankcase ventilation filters
  • Exhaust systems and accessories
  • Liquid filtration
  • Hydraulic filtration for both stationary and portable systems
  • Industrial mufflers
    Fluid and gas analysis kits, and coolant testing equipment

Cummins Filtration solutions are designed to ensure optimal performance and reliability, while simultaneously reducing total operating costs and supporting sustainability.