Sustaining future

Motors and spare parts

Cummins and Kubota

You will not only find engines and their original spare parts from us, but also filters, as well as our maintenance and diagnostics.

Cummins and Kubota engines are known for their clean, efficient, and reliable performance, offering a wide range of applications in various sectors.

Cummins Engines

  • Transportation: buses and trucks
  • Construction machinery: engines for cranes, dump trucks, road graders, excavators
  • Railway transport: locomotives and passenger trains
  • Maritime: ships and ferries
  • Energy: used in cogeneration plants

Kubota Engines

  • Agricultural machinery: combines, tractors, and many more
  • Industrial equipment: used in various industrial applications, providing steady power and durability.

Generators ‎

Cummins Power Generation generator sets provide continuous and reliable energy solutions to various sectors, ensuring safety and emergency readiness in all situations. These include: These include:

  • Generators for motorhomes and trailer homes
  • Marine generators for boats and yachts
  • Generators for fire and rescue vehicles
  • Utility and specialty vehicle generators
  • Home generators and home security power systems Portable generators
  • Portable generators

Renewable energy

In our selection, you will find solar panels, high-quality inverters, and battery solutions that ensure a smooth flow of energy around the clock. Our services also include personalized profitability analyses and comfortable installation.

  • Complete solutions for solar energy projects
  • Battery solutions
  • Battery chargers
  • Converters
  • Inverters
  • UPS systems and UPS maintenance


Regular maintenance ensures the longevity and efficient operation of Cummins and Kubota engines and generators. If you are looking for a reliable representative in the Baltic countries, Baltic Industrial is your best choice for maintenance, original spare parts, and quick response time.

Why customers choose us

Baltic Industrial is the first choice for customers thanks to our highly qualified team, who ensure top-level and customer-centric service in every situation. Our expanded team operates across the Baltics – in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. What particularly surpasses client needs is our wide range of products, including being the sole official representative for Kubota and Cummins brands in the Baltic countries.

“My cooperation with Baltic Industrial began many years ago, when we were looking for a reliable and innovative partner for our industrial projects. Baltic Industrial has proven itself as a highly qualified and dedicated partner that can provide exactly the solutions that our complex projects require.”

Elari Sarapuu, Viru Chemistry Group

30 emplyees

12 service busses

5 maintenance and repair workshops

15+ years of experience

Sustaining future

For the last 15 years, we have followed the principle of sustaining future, which highlights our commitment to environmentally friendly solutions, sustainable maintenance and repair, efficient recycling of resources, and conscious waste management. We also actively support the promotion of sports and a healthy lifestyle, which contributes to a fulfilling and long future for everyone.

Our vision

Become the most well-known and preferred seller of electric generators, industrial engines, and green energy solutions in the Baltic States.

Our mission

We give our employees the opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place. We increase or client’s profitability with energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions.

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